Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recipe Book

Something I have talked about for many years, is to write a recipe book. Well, I've finally taken the next step and set myself a Goal to produce one by December 2013! Yesterday I got some help from some great friends that set me on the right track - I now have a written, SMART goal. Unless you write goals down and action them, they won't happen.
This is the result of our collective brainstorm. My actual goal is "To produce a "healthy, unprocessed, lifstyle" Recipe Book by December 2013, targeted to time poor people wanting healthy nutritious food. So now that it's out there in the Universe, I'll have to make it happen. It might encourage me to be a bit more consistent with my blogging! I've been a bit slack lately - not from lack of things to write about, just the time to do it! We've been pretty busy on the farm - someone recently called it Old Macdonalds Farm, but I like to call it a Food Farm. We now have three hens that hatched some chickens. There were 17, but one hen has recently lost 2. We don't lock them up, as they live in the shed, so I'd say a hawk or something may have got them. They are only very young hens and not very smart. Chooks are pretty dumb, but these seem to be dumber than normal. They are Aussie Game and Indian Game Hens. We have 4 Aussies, and 1 Indian and they run with an Aussie and an Indian Rooster. 2 Roosters are a bit too much for 4 hens, so we'll have to do something about breeding some more! There are another 5 chickens from an earlier sitting - these are Aussie game (different rooster) and Rhode Island Red crosses. Unfortunately they are all looking like roosters. This is good for our kitchen, but not so good for producing more breeding females! We'll have ducks to put in the freezer very shortly. We've just recently killed a heifer, so we have a freezer full of beef, and we also have a little pork from our last lot. We got 9 killed and sold most of the pork, which is good for continued business health, but not variety in our kitchen! The last lot were quite fat, so we are working on trying to keep them a bit trimmer. Fat does equal flavour, but in this modern world, fat has a bad reputation! We've recently bought a Large White Boar to try and trim them down as well as finish the pigs a bit quicker. He's still only a youngster, so we will be introducing him to the girls slowly in the next few weeks.

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  1. Hi Lucy, I replied to your comment on my blog and I was looking for your contact details so I could also email you the response in case you didn't come back to my blog. Can't find anything, so please come back and read what I said! It looks like you're doing some interesting things at your place too. Cheers, Liz