Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nutrient Dense Food

I was travelling with one of my sons the other day and we HAD to pull up at a service station to get some food - it was a two hour trip and we were already half into it, so of course he was starving! He is also an adult (well almost!), so I really can't rule his life and stop him from eating what he wants. Anyway, he bought several items out of the hot box and promptly ate them. When finished he said "I feel full, but I'm still hungry!" He's been living with us for a while now now, so I think his body is starting to realise that what he had bought wasn't food. It was garbage and his body was saying "hey feed me some food!" What we eat at home is FOOD. It's real food, not some "food like substance". I believe that this kind of food is nutrient dense and when we eat it, our body accepts it as such and we can feel full when we aren't. Food like substances encourage the body to mis-understand hunger signals, so people keep eating - the body is looking for the nutrients it needs to keep operating correctly. Is it any wonder that cancer, diabetes and heart disease are still on the increase. We need good, healthy food from healthy animals and plants - as close to the original food as possible, not packaged or processed.

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  1. haha, I know the feeling, sometimes I get tempted by junk food and my body tells me afterwards that its not food!