Saturday, November 24, 2012


I was determined to make some cheese this weekend. My brother has been off work with a sore hand so has been making lots of cheese, so I've been very jealous. I made some haloumi and ricotta. I used 9 litres of milk for the haloumi and got 800g of cheese. I did one with mint as it's traditional with haloumi and I wanted to try it. Haloumi is cooked in the whey after it has been pressed, so I made the ricotta while the whey came to the right temperature. I am also making feta. I make a soft feta, so it sits all day and then is hooped at night. Then in the morning I will salt it, cut it and put it in oil with herbs.


  1. oh, please share your feta recipe in more detail! I love a creamy feta and have been playing with different recipes, but still haven't found the right one.... come out too hard every time. I should try haloumi though

  2. I'll post it in the next few days. It's very popular at our house so I make it often.....did I mention that it was quick and easy!