Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spontaneous Dinner Party

I recently made a short notice trip to visit my brother and his wife. Got there just in time for drinks on the front lawn - very civilised when you visit people on holidays! Another brother turned up with his partner for dinner so it was a nice treat. It was made even better when we started eating and so much of the food was homegown, homemade or local.

One of my sons had given me some red claw to take with me. This had been previously wild caught and frozen. My brother who also turned up for a visit brought some home made cheese - he's been on holidays and has been busy working his way through his cheese making book.

So with a bountiful garden and home preserves, cooking up a feast is not difficult when you get unexpected guests.

We started out with cheese and home grown/home preserved pickles - cucumbers and baby corn. I was really taken with the corn (and we did include some not so local salami and crackers!). The entree featured the red claw, cooked in a chilli sauce, served with a squeeze of lime! They were delicious, and the only problem being that there weren't enough!

Main course was my nephews job and was a really nice Chicken Bake - including freshly picked pumpkin and herbs.

Desert was a great finish with some local mango frozen yoghurt.

I always get excited when I eat food that is local and fresh. It really does taste better. I think that it's easy to cook good food with good ingredients. It's impossible to cook good food with bad ingredients. Therefore the fresher the ingredients, the more likely that they will be good! I just wish I had taken some photos, as my family are all really good cooks! And we all love our food!

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