Monday, August 19, 2013

something finishes and something begins....

For the last four years I have had a full time job managing a local pastoral company. It's been pretty intense and very time consuming - challenging and rewarding at times! But, that is about to change - at the end of this week my job finishes. I will no longer be putting so much of my energy into an off farm enterprise and will be able to devote myself to our own farm and business full time. One of the reasons for working off farm is because our property is too small and not a liveable area.

We started breeding free range pigs as a way to make a better living off a small acreage. Our goal was for me to work until June 2014 because by then we thought that the business would be well enough established to replace my wage. Well this has happened a year sooner than planned, so now our goal is to just make it work!

I have not been keeping up with this blog mostly because my job was very demanding and the pig business used up any free time I had. Now I plan to use this blog to document the next phase in our life. I want other people to know the joys, the demands and the heartache that farmers face! Farmers work very hard to provide food and I want to be able to share with people just how valuable that food is by maybe giving an insight into a Farmers life.

I will be exploring the life of farmers (us mostly) who produce healthy nutritious food from paddock to plate. So I hope that you may follow this journey and learn to appreciate the true cost of what you feed yourself and your family. I will also be talking about food and how we grow and prepare real food - keep an eye on the recipe tab.
A vegie farmer at the Yeppoon Community Markets. If you live in the Yeppoon area, there are some great inexpensive vegies there every weekend!

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