Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A morning walk

I can’t believe that it’s so long since I’ve updated the blog! I had good intentions, but my full time job didn’t finish, just turned into a part time one, but things are easing up now!

Yesterday we decided that I would take over the daily check of the pigs. It is a requirement in pig farming that a qualified person checks the pigs every day. We have some great backpackers at the moment – actually we’ve been very lucky to have had a run of great backpackers, but while they do a lot for us, technically they aren’t qualified persons!
Thirteen new born piglets - all looking very relaxed and happy.
....and goat babies too - she had twins - a brown boy and a creamy girl. The boy is hiding.
Now that the weather has warmed up and daylight is so much earlier, a stroll around the paddocks at 5.30 is just beautiful! It started out with sunshine, but then the fog moved in.
In fact the day started so beautiful and peaceful.....but then it just turned hectic!
After a fortifying (luckily) breakfast we went out to muster some cattle. Four hours later and with tempers flaring and not enough cattle in the yard we headed home. Reinforcements came in the form of a helicopter, so the job was then completed in a timely manner! I did get to have a good look around most of the property, which I haven’t done for ages – the grass is very good considering the lack of rain we’ve had. So my next post will be about pastures and rest.
The Bauhinia Tree when flowering, is one of the prettiest trees - covered in pinky white flowers.

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