Thursday, September 10, 2015


I sometimes worry that there's something wrong with me because I'm tired all the time! I've been pondering this and have decided that maybe it's just because I'm always doing something!
Last weekend was the markets and yesterday we had a 20 hour round trip delivering pigs to the abattoir and then driving to Kingaroy to pick up a new boar and a ram.

And because I like to cook I do things after dinner instead of sitting and watching TV!

Tonight I pickled some beetroot, bottled my kefir, bottled kombucha, cooked sausages and tomatoes for breakfast, put some sourdough in the bread machine, pickled a piece of belly pork for bacon.

Dinner tonight was pulled pork with homemade tortillas.

Ummmm, I feel tired just thinking of all that! Lucky for all of us that Tanya made a lemon meringue pie for desert. I don't do desert, but I ate it so that she didn't think I was rude! (Sorry no photos I'm on my phone tonight).

I think I'll enjoy my beauty sleep tonight!


  1. I know what you mean. I am always tired.. because I'm always doing something. I've been trying to force myself to go to bed earlier, like before 9pm. It does make a difference if I manage it for a few nights in a row!

  2. I like to aim for 8hours sleep each night, and yes I agree, if I can get to bed before 9 for a few nights in row it certainly helps. Now that the days are getting longer, I tend to get up earlier so going to bed early is a must for me.