Thursday, July 16, 2015


We are having a few days off - this time house sitting on the Gold Coast! We do have some fabulous friends!

The view from our back/side deck.

It's not all holiday unfortunately, we are trying to do some budgets and planning as well, we just don't seem to get that sort of thing done at home. There is just too many distractions and interruptions. So we work half the day and then relax the other half. I thought I'd catch up on some blogging, because I got very far behind what I wanted to do, but haven't really got around to it until now. Our internet was so slow at home for the last two weeks, it was just too frustrating to try and blog.

Afternoon tea on our first afternoon.

My own Farmhouse Cheddar and our salami, with some olives and olive paste that I picked up in downtown Currumbin. The olives do come from Greece - I justified my purchase by saying that I'm supporting the Greek Economy.

We went for a drive over the hill into NSW yesterday and unfortunately just missed a farmers market, but did pick up a few vegies on the way back - an organic vegie stall on the side of the road.

Dinner last night was Duck Confit with Vegetable stew. I have had the duck confit in my fridge for god knows how long! I cooked it up ages ago and cryvacced it in it's own fat. It was so perfectly alright, I was amazed. (I was a little concerned about giving myself food poisoning, but fortunately that didn't happen).

Tonight I'm going to bake a whole whiting and some fish wings, and we'll have an entree of fresh prawns and oysters. I decided to do the fish wings (because they are yummy) mainly to use bits that don't always get eaten. We as consumers need to consider the whole animal when we eat - hence a whole fish  and the wings to bake. I'll bake these in ginger, garlic and lemon. I don't have a lot of condiments here, so I'll let the produce speak for itself!

Life is too short for bad food!!

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