Sunday, July 19, 2015

Last day of our holiday

All good things come to an end! Today has been an absolutely lovely day. The weather, while still abit cool is so much nicer than it's been all week, the sun is shining and that cold wind has disappeared. I'm sitting out on the deck enjoying the sun and the bird song.  There are quite a few different varieties and the odd crow can be heard as well. It's lovely, peaceful and relaxed.This will all change tomorrow. Will get an early start so that we can get through Brisbane before peak hour.

I couldn't live in the city, but I do love to visit it. We haven't eaten out very often, but we've had seafood a few times - prawns, bugs, oysters and fish.  We love seafood and don't get to have it very often and I'm happier to spend the money on good food to prepare at home rather than spend a lot more and get less. And sometimes I just think that I could do better cooking it myself than going out!

We discovered an artisanal baker not far from here, which makes the best sourdough I have ever tasted. My goal now is to make bread as good as that! Although I must admit that I don't normally eat much bread and the first loaf we bought we ate in a day......the second loaf lasted about half a day longer!

I found a little health shop a few days ago so stocked up on a few groceries that I can't get in Baralaba.  I also bought a neoflam saucepan.  I've been looking at these for some time but wasn't quite sure. They have a non stick coating but apparently are all good. I love my cast iron fry pans, but some of my stainless pots are starting to die.   Bought them when I first got married so thought I might upgrade slowly. The neoflam pot is also extremely light so I'm not too sure how it will go. Has anyone else tried them?

Anyway, we will travel home tomorrow and it'll be straight into work mode. We couldn't have gotten away without the help from our boys, who have been doing a great job managing everything, with the able assistance of some great backpackers.

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