Thursday, March 10, 2016

Locavore Challenge

I am hosting a Locavore Party over the Easter period. There are a couple of significant events that I want to celebrate and Easter weekend is a good opportunity to get people from far and wide together. I decided to have a theme of "Locavore" as to me that means, supporting local business, local farmers and local communities - they are all connected. Too few people realise the interconnectedness, and as that's my main philosophy, why not emphasize it. So.....I had a brain wave tonight while eating my dinner, that our main food is Local and leading up to the party I will highlight my local food choices

Tonights dinner was delicous!

Steak,chips and salad (I do apologise for the half eaten picture, but the brain wave to record it only happened half way through when I realised how good it was)

Topside steak - our own and as good as any rump I've eaten anytime! Edmund BBQ'd this(while he was cooking the chips) while I chopped and mixed up a resting marinade - garlic, chili, parsley, basil, lime juice and olive oil - OO not local :(, the rest is mine or local.
Salad - Ceylon spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, fetta, lime juice, fermented carrots - carrots not local.
Chips, not local, but organic and cooked in goat tallow from our goats.......

I then had to bottle my kombucha and decided on using some lovely local ginger to second ferment.

What do you eat regularly that's local? Please follow along with my locavore challenge and see what you can find and eat that's either home grown or'll be fun and rewarding!

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