Sunday, June 14, 2015

Asian style meatballs

Kim and I thought we'd have a weekend away from the farm - in fact, Edmund ordered us to! Um....was I getting a bit cranky maybe???

Anyway we managed to finally get away yesterday afternoon and travelled the short distance (2hours) to Rockhampton. As we were going to stay in my mum and dad's house (they're away) I brought in food stuffs and the makings for dinner. As we left home about 6pm, we discussed just buying some takeaway food instead of the bother of cooking, because we were both so tired. I decided that we would regret it so cooked My brother Peter's Asian style meatballs.

This is really yummy and so quick. The stock was still frozen and I think it took me about half an hour. I used beef stock as that's all I had in the freezer, but I normally use my regular stock/bone broth.  I make bone broth often and it's usually a mix of chicken carcass, including feet, pork trotters, pork back bones and beef marrow bones. I find this makes an all round tasty and nutritious stock. I'll talk more about that another day.

So, you can use any stock and any mince. I've done it with beef mince before, or I would think chicken mince would be good too. Apart from anything, it was a really good meal after the day we had yesterday. And the leftovers for lunch today were delicious!

I'm now going to spend the afternoon with my sister, where we'll probably talk food.....and we've got fresh pasta to make for dinner tonight.

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