Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cold and Flu Season

I very rarely get sick! However, I've been fighting a head cold for a week now and today I have succumbed!

I've been doing the bone broth, herbal teas, lemon drinks and today I've just gradually got worse and worse, so have stepped it up a notch - and gone to bed! I'm just having a cup of tea and then I'm going to take my aching body back to bed. My remedies so far:

  • herbal tea - I have a cold and flu blend which I had this morning and now I've added some lemon grass to it.
  • bone broth - with ginger, garlic and turmeric added.
  • hot lemon drink (with salt in it, because I saw something on facebook about salt and lemon juice for headaches. I warmed it up and added honey to make it more drinkable - still tasted pretty awful.)

What do you do when you are feeling poorly?

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