Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Peter Andrews

We have a special guest staying with us tonight (and the next two nights!). Peter Andrews is doing some work with us and the Baralaba Landcare Group. We started today by having a look at a creek that goes through our place and have started three leaky weirs. We'll work on them more yet, so I won't post too many photos until they are done.

We are having a field day here on Thursday to show what we've done and why and then Peter will build more while the participants can watch and help. There's a bit of manual work involved, so it'll be good to have more hands.

I will write more about Peter and Natural Sequence Farming later on. In the meantime, you can read more here.


  1. Oh wow, very exciting! I'm a big fan! I've read both of his books several times and his theories have been very influential in our management of weeds and water/fertility on our property. I certainly considered his recommendation to find a property with 1 third trees, 1 third pasture and 1 third cropping, with the trees on the hill tops, when we bought our property. I'm so glad I read the books when I did, I had time to think before we started looking at properties. I am so excited for you, please write about everything you learn!!! We have several ephemeral creek beds on our property that we need to manage better....

  2. Lucky you! :) Peter Andrews is a living legend.

  3. I don't seem to be able to do an individual reply, so will have to work out what to do to change that! However, yes it is exciting having Peter here - and tiring! All this learning stuff is hard work! I'll be posting more today and then when I get time I'll write more.