Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preserved Fish

I had a profitable trip to Rockhampton today. I have this fantastic brother-in-law who loves fishing - I love fish, so it's great when we do some horsetrading (well I should say protein trading). Anyway, I am currently boiling up some trevally, which he assures me is very like tuna. I will then preserve the fish in oil - tomorrow morning. It's an Italian method of preserving fish - the fish (usually tuna) is boiled in very salty water, then drained and left to cool overnight. The fish is flaked and place in jars with some herbs, garlic, chilli and oil and put into a water bath for a period of time to seal the jars. I've done tuna before and it was so nice that I've been hoping for an opportunity to have another go. I've even bought myself some new fowlers vacola jars to do it properly! I can preserve it in brine also, so I may do a jar of that to see what it's like. I'll try and remember to post some photos of the finished product.

Pastured Chicken

I had an absolutely delicious roast chicken dinner the other night. It was raised by a friend, who has just started a pastured chicken business. His chickens are moved around his paddocks and grazed on fresh grass all the time. He's using a trailer for their housing - he locks them in each night. Then during the day they are let out - he uses portable netting so that they don't roam too far. It tasted so good and  I really hope that he can make a successful business out of it. He's just starting out and is selling them all locally - Central Queenland.

If anyone wants to know how to get hold of some, just leave a comment and I will put you in touch with him.