Chickens at rest.
"Just leave me in peace to have a nap....."
"Who Me?"
Chloe and Big Spotty
Happy Goat - trying to give Chloe a kiss
The chooks are either looking to go for a drive or perhaps just finding somewhere to lay an egg. The Indian Game rooster likes to find a nest for his girls.
Kostya and a goat going for a drive
Drought breaking Rain - January 2013
We put a new contour bank in, to help us fill our new dam! One of the disadvantages (if you can call it that) of cell grazing is that the rain soaks in and doesn't run off! We thought we may need to help it abit by putting in a contour bank! Didn't need it this time!
Our front dam bywashing - the force of water can create a lot of erosion.
Quads are much more suitable to drive around in these conditions. This country gets very spewy.

Our original House dam - very full - you can just see the dam bank in the distance. The photo below is from a different angle - the forefront is the bywash.

This photo above shows the amount of water in the paddock - this paddock is beside the yards at the house. The yards are at the back of the photo. My milkers are not terribly happy! 

The sow paddock at the front of the house. They don't seem to be minding the rain too much - at least it's not cold as well as windy and rainy!
We allow our chickens to live in the shed. They don't get locked up (ever) and nest wherever they find a suitable spot - not always easy for me to find the eggs!

The reason for keeping them around the shed, is that they will pick up any spilt grain, keep the mice down and hopefully keep snakes away.
Some cute Baby shots.

Some of the cattle going into a new paddock.
Dixie and her 8 piglets
Latesha's piglets have grown - now nearly 4 weeks old.
The piglets a week old.
Latesha and new born piglets.

Pregnant Latesha - she's a large black
George the Berkshire Boar, Tammy the Tamworth (the red one), Betty the Berkshire and at the back is Dixie the Wessex Saddleback.

  Aussie Game Hen with Chicks - First time mum.
Chicks 2 weeks old
Chicks 5 weeks old

Chook Dome in the Garden - the girls escaped.