Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poddy Calves

It seems rather ironical that just a little while ago I was giving advice to another blogger about poddy calves. Well....last week one of my milkers had a calf, which died..... I couldn't find a poddy calf for about 4 days and then finally got onto one - a little bull calf from a dairy down near Monto. He was born the day I rang, so I was a little concerned as my cow didn't have much collostrum left. I was also concerned as the cow had taken poddies before, but always with her own calf alongside. I left them in the yards for the last few days and they have certainly bonded. The cow took it as hers from the day I introduced them, so it was a very good result. I'm still milking her out, as the calf can't take it all - the other animals on the place don't mind getting a bit of milk (pigs, chooks and dogs all love milk!)

Here are the two of them and you would never know that they weren't biological!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Update on the Ginger Ale and other ferments

The turmeric and ginger ale was okay, but the plain ginger one is really good. Looks like I better plant more ginger for next year. On a hot summers day, a glass mixed half and half with soda water is REALLY refreshing. I've also made some Beet Kvass - interesting and probably drunk best as a shot! Also some milk kefir - also interesting! I tried to drink it straight but it was a little too much and it's much nicer in smoothies (or even just with milo!).