Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food and Sourdough

I don't seem to be finding much time for this blog these days. I've been busy at work and busy with our Free Range Pork business. This blog is my "down time" though, so I really want to post something at least each week. Kim thinks I should blog about what we eat each day, because he thinks it's worthing talking about.....he could be biased! We do eat well - tonight so far we had homemade pizza - very simple - homemade base, tomato pesto that we bought at the Cheese Dairy at Stanthorpe, my duck proscuito and mozerella cheese (I wish I could say it was homemade, but I haven't had time lately!) We also had some spicy beef soup and fresh bread! I've been making good bread lately - no not sour dough, as it's so temperamental! I get my organic bread flour from Kialla and it's LOVELY! Sour Dough - I was about to write a blog about it a little while ago, as I thought I'd cracked the code! But alas, it stopped working! I'm going to keep trying but it's just such a pain, because I waste flour everytime it doesn't work. My last starter was yoghurt, milk and flour and worked well initially - I've started another one, but it won't even bubble! I'll see how it goes and if it works, will monitor the progress and report on it with any successes and failures as I go along. I really don't think that you can follow ONE recipe - I think you need to use your gut instinct. Not always easy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weston A Price

I mentioned previously that I'm reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It really is quite fascinating and really scary. Fascinating because the links he found between different foods and health is really interesting. Scary because he said this in the 1930's! Why didn't anyone (the powers that be) take any notice of him? Some things he found that can be directly related to modern/processed foods: - tooth decay - deformed dental arches - TB - certain vitamins need fat-soluble activators (these are found n animal products) to make them available - behavior, aggression and happiness are influenced by our diet. It's pretty heavy going at times, which is why I'm still reading it. It's also not the best book to read just before going to bed, although it does help to put me to sleep! It has reinforced my thinking that we need a diet that is genetically appropriate to us as individuals and most importantly, unprocessed.