Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I'm reading now

I decided that since I've decided that Traditional Food is what we should be eating and I've had Nourishing Traditions for well over a year now, and used it often and read it more often, then I'd better read the guy that every blog on traditional eating quotes. So I'm reading "Nutrition and Physical Dengeneration" by Weston A. Price. It really is amazing what he discovered in the early 1930's. He went all over the world to research people still living a Primitive Lifestyle. He was a dentist, so his focus was on their dental health, but what he found was incredible and I can't believe that so long has passed and no one took ANY notice of his findings! He found that people that still lived a traditional lifestyle and more importantly ate a traditional, primitive diet were healthier and had better dental health than those same ethnic groups that ate the "modern diet". So far I've read about Swiss, Gaelic, Eskimo, American Indians, Melanesian and Polynesian groups and where they were in close proximity to shipping/trading routes, the incidence of tooth decay was above 15% and Tuberculosis was rife. Those eating traditional foods were below about 3% tooth decay and no tuberculosis! It didn't seem to make a difference that the swiss tribe ate mostly cheese, milk and rye bread, oh and meat once a week. Vegetables and fruit weren't real high on any menu in any group except the Islanders, who also ate a lot of seafood. The thing was, that as soon as they came into contact with white man food, they got sick! I'll no doubt write more about this book in future blogs. It's a bit repetitive, as time after time, he found the same results, no matter which country, whether it was icy cold, tropical heat or anywhere in between. Our diet should have absolutely NO refined sugar or white flour and we need to eat food that is local and suited to our ancestory.

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