Friday, May 17, 2013

Life on the farm

We had to do some cattle work the other week, so our lovely daughter, her friend and two nieces very kindly came out to give us a hand.

Most of the time these days, we do all our cattle work on the quad bikes - it's quicker and usually easier. The cattle are in cells, so they get used to the sound of the bike and come to the gate to move. Unfortunately, recently the cattle got spooked and busted through several fences and were scattered over many paddocks. We have been hearing dingoes every morning for the last couple of weeks, and we think that they must have stirred up the cattle. Dingoes don't usually kill older cattle, but will give them a fright!

Because the cattle were scattered, we decided that the best option would be to pull in the big guns and use horses. Working cattle with horses is more stress free and when they are a bit ratty it seems to calm them down more than a quad bike does.

It was a wet drizzly day, but we managed to get it accomplished. Thanks to our helpers.

PS I've posted some more farm photos on the photo page.

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