Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sunday breakfast

Do you have any Sunday habits? Edmund started a habit of having pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday morning. He seems to be here when I'm not but when I've been here, there has been suttle pressure for me to continue it.

Our pancakes are more like pikelets and we usually serve them with a hot honey and butter sauce. When we have bananas, we have sliced banana, honey and butter sauce and then cream on top. Recently we made a chocolate sauce and have that with crushed nuts. That's pretty good too. I occasionally get inspired and make crepes but they are a little more work.

Tomorrow I'm mixing it up a bit and having crumpets. Sigrun showed me last weekend how easy they are, so I going to have a go. The sourdough mix has been mixed and will hopefully be nice and bubbly by morning. I wasn't sure what to serve them with but I think we can choose from honey, star fruit jam that I made yesterday or some coconut sugar syrup. This is so easy to make and I use it nowadays instead of maple syrup I figure that palm sugar comes from a country closer to us than Canada. You will find the recipe here. This is also really nice withe natural yoghurt. And yes I know it's sugar, but for an irregular thing I reckon it's okay.

What do you have for breakfast on a Sunday?


  1. Eggs, mushrooms, kale haloumi and bacon were on this weekends menu and is quite often our Sunday breakfast.

  2. That sounds much healthier than our sunday breakfast. I love haloumi - do you make your own? I don't like buying it because I CAN make it, but I really do!