Thursday, November 5, 2015

Photos - some of the reasons I live where I live

This is a little patch of scrub that was left standing when the remainder of the paddocks was cleared. I'm so grateful the previous owners left it. It's a lovely quiet spot!

These two photos are taken down the Anabranch. An anabranch is a branch off a river - where it comes out and then goes back into the river. This is permanent water. The tyre tube was left there in the last flood.

I love bauhinia trees (above). They are a native to this area. The photo on the left was taken at the end of winter when it loses alot of it's leaves and goes a lovely brown/autumny colour. Then the leaves turn green and we get beautiful flowers. The stock love to eat this tree and it's also a lovely shade tree.

Lime bush. It's very prickly when small and doesn't normally have fruit on it, although this year they did. The taller tree on the left is a normal mature tree. They've been loaded with lovely fruit. Normally we have a lot of fruit fly in them, but not this year.
My kombucha on the left and kefir on the right. Ginger and Bush lime.

I like to eat our own meat, milk, cheese, yoghurt.

And of course mushrooms come most years in spring rain. This is my mushroom and rosemary salt.


  1. Lovely to get an overall view of your place. I have just recently started making kefir, so will go and search to see what else you ahve to say aobut it. so far I have been adding grated ginger and turmeric with a slice of lemon peel.

    1. Not sure if I've written much about kefir. My favourite way is ginger and lemon or lime juice, and I don't think I've done any others. The bush lime worked in the kefir, but not in the kombucha.

  2. Yeah that's a good number.....not average for us unfortunately!