Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We are currently flood bound (as is a lot of Queensland), but a long way from needing food drops. I did a bit of a stocktake of what food I have, and apart from the meat, eggs and milk, which we have heaps of, my garden is producing pretty well. There is only two of us to feed so that helps. Normally it would be far to hot to grow many vegies at this time of year, but with having so much rain, the garden is going really well. I've got squash, zuchini, beans, tomatoes, cumumber, pumpkin, NZ Spinach (Warrigal Greens), Brazilian spinach, a few miserable lettuce that don't like so much rain, and then carrots coming on. I dug about 10 kg's of potatoes about a month ago, which we are still eating. The other day we picked a bunch of bananas and are now picking mangoes and passionfruit. We are still picking the odd paw paw too. So all in all we won't starve. The flood has highlighted the reliance on outstide souces of food and so we could all benefit from growing SOME of our own vegies - you don't need a big yard.

If I can work out how to use Blogger, I will add some pages to show recipes, photos and suggested books to read. If anyone can work out how to do that, it would be good. I think I'm a bit computer challenged at times.

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