Monday, January 17, 2011


I am not going to say that I am sick of mangoes, but I am sick of cutting them up! We have had a bumper crop of mangoes this year off our single tree. Although I just wish it was a Bowen Mango tree rather than a common one. However, I've discovered that when you dry them, they are equally as good as the Bowens.
So most nights will find me cutting up a batch of mangoes to go into the food dryer, and of course I then have to suck on the seeds, so my teeth are constantly full of strings!!!!

Having so many mangoes and any other fruit you may grow that is seasonal, you notice that when you've got them, you've got lots. You eat them until you feel like you could go the rest of the year with out eating another. Wow, that's what seasonal eating is all about! When you go to the supermarket in winter and you can buy cherries, do you question where they come from? Some of our fruit and vegetables we can grow for most of the year somewhere in Australia, and while there is certainly food miles attached to these, I think we need to think seriously about buying something that is grown in another country, or that has spent months in cold storage. Apart from anything else, food that is in season will taste so much better than something that has been in cold storage. Funnily enough, it will taste like real food. The best way to start is to take a little bit of notice what grows when and where. You won't be able to buy local mangoes or bananas in Melbourne, and you won't be able to buy local cherries in Rockhampton. Once you start growing your own, you get a much better idea of what is seasonal and you will also taste the difference.

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