Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Food Weekend

It's been windy and cold outside, so perfect weather to spend inside in the kitchen. I find cooking very relaxing and relieves the stresses of my busy working week. As anyone who reads this blog would be aware, I fully support the slow food concept and love to cook things from scratch. If I've grown the ingredients myself, even better! So what have I done this weekend (and still finishing off):

  • Yoghurt - 4 litres, so that there's enough for my Mum and Dad also
  • Biscuits and slices for smokos this week
  • Baked Beans
  • Brawn
  • Duck Stock
  • Pea and Ham Soup and fresh bread (for lunch today)
  • Fermented Tomato Sauce
  • Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes - I do buy the dried tomatoes and marinate them myself.
I had planned on a few other things - Salami and some kim chi. I'm not completely happy with the recipes I've looked at so far to make salami, so need to do some more research and I don't want to be rushed doing it either. The kim chi will have to wait also, as I need to help outside with some cattle work this afternoon.

Oh and I tested my duck breast proscuito today - I've had it hanging for a couple of weeks now. This is duck breast that has been cured in some herbs and spices for a few days, then wrapped in muslin and hung in a cool spot. The photo below shows my proscuito, sun dried tomatoes and some feta that I made last weekend. This is our pre-lunch snack.

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