Monday, October 22, 2012

Update on the Ginger Ale and other ferments

The turmeric and ginger ale was okay, but the plain ginger one is really good. Looks like I better plant more ginger for next year. On a hot summers day, a glass mixed half and half with soda water is REALLY refreshing. I've also made some Beet Kvass - interesting and probably drunk best as a shot! Also some milk kefir - also interesting! I tried to drink it straight but it was a little too much and it's much nicer in smoothies (or even just with milo!).


  1. Keep trying with the kvass, I drink it straight, but the glass, I love it! But the kefir is better hidden in a smoothie :)

  2. I'm pretty determined to like it!!
    That's why I want to make kombucha, because the stuff I bought from the food festival was really good. Finding time to do these things is a little tricky sometimes. Self sustainability takes a lot of time!