Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poddy Calves

It seems rather ironical that just a little while ago I was giving advice to another blogger about poddy calves. Well....last week one of my milkers had a calf, which died..... I couldn't find a poddy calf for about 4 days and then finally got onto one - a little bull calf from a dairy down near Monto. He was born the day I rang, so I was a little concerned as my cow didn't have much collostrum left. I was also concerned as the cow had taken poddies before, but always with her own calf alongside. I left them in the yards for the last few days and they have certainly bonded. The cow took it as hers from the day I introduced them, so it was a very good result. I'm still milking her out, as the calf can't take it all - the other animals on the place don't mind getting a bit of milk (pigs, chooks and dogs all love milk!)

Here are the two of them and you would never know that they weren't biological!

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  1. Hi Lucy, I'm sorry to hear that, wow seems to be a bad year, I've read about one other one that died, and of course our own! At least you had success with the foster calf, what a lovely cow, its wonderful to see them bonding. Enjoy the milk!