Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Raining, It's Pouring......

Wow, we've had some rain. It started about midnight Wednesday night and now at midday Friday, we've had over 225mm (9 inches). Everything is very wet and we'll be quite happy if it lets up a bit. Our property is isolated from town in all directions. I've taken some photos this morning, and will put more on the photo page.

This country was brown and the grass all burnt off before the rain - it's greening up already. I think it helps that we have had this paddock resting - the grass just recovers instantly.

This is our new dam - it was only built a few months ago. One thing you don't want when you build a new dam, is to get ALOT of rain in one go. This dam, also didn't have a high enough bank. It should bywash before getting this close to the top of the wall. The next photo shows what happens........
when you get too much water to quick. We saw this happen - the water was gone in seconds! The ideal situation would be to get some small falls of rain, so that the water flows into the dam gently and the dam wall has time to firm up before getting storm rain. We haven't had much rain at all since it's been built!

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