Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's in my garden

We are flooded in once again, although we can get out to Emerald or Blackwater for groceries if we need to. I couldn't be bothered - well that is until we run out of coffee! I decided that I should take stock of what we have and what's in the garden. My garden efforts have been pathetic! It has been so hot for the last couple of months that most plants just die! Also, we have turkey's and we can't seem to keep them out of the house yard - it was the only green place, so you can't blame them. Anyway, my garden is quite overgrown - I think that the grass helps to keep the plants that are hidden in there somewhere some shade. Also by keeping green plants, even if it is grass, we are building carbon. Also, we have a grass here called green panic and I think it makes quite a good companion plant. It doesn't seem to compete for moisture like other grasses.
The grass is green panic, but there is a passionfruit vine along the tank, some turmeric and ginger, strawberries in there somewhere and then bananas at the back - two bunches on. I have started digging, but it will take a while.
Cassava - we had some chips last night and I'm roasting some with my roast pork tonight. I only use the roots - can you use the leaves as a vegetable? Hiding behind the casava is eggplant (loaded), then I have comfrey, brazilian spinach, some herbs and then there is a capsicum/chilli.

I bought the above plant at a street stall - supposedly a capsicum, but it does have a slight bite. It's only about 2 cm long. Has anyone ever seen these? I really like them and will try and keep some seeds, but am not sure whether they will grow true to type.

I also have some beans - the ones that survived the turkey scratching and a guada bean. I like this one, because they ensure that we have plenty of greens for a while!

And finally I have some pumpkin vines growing - it has been way to hot for them, so hopefully they will grow and won't get overtaken by the grass!

So we won't starve, even though my garden isn't real flash! We do however, have plenty of milk for yoghurt, fetta cheese, butter, cream, as well as meat - fish (we swap for meat), beef, goat, pork, duck and chicken - the latter are all home grown!

I do love being "almost self-sufficient".

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