Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sourdough Bread

Recently I was fortunate to go to a sourdough workshop. A lovely local (Rockhampton,Qld) women is running sourdough workshops. I had a fabulous afternoon! I can't think of much better fun than spending an afternoon in a kitchen, talking about and eating food. It started at 1pm with a lunch of various sourdough breads and finished at 5 with a take home package of flours, starter and a bread dough to finish off at home. In the meantime we went through the entire process of making a loaf of bread.

How can you do that in 4 hours you ask? Well you start at the end and do all the bits of the process but not in the correct order. Sigrun was very well organised and had one mix ready to finish off and rise (onion bread and a fruit and nut bread), she had pizza dough ready and a ciabatta dough to make rolls.  We had the yummiest pizzas for afternoon tea and the ciabatta rolls were delicious! We mixed our own loaf using her bubbly starter and did the initial kneading. We learnt how to stretch the dough ready for the final rise. All the while listening and learning about the whole process.

I've been wanting to make sourdough for a long time and have had so many failures and started so many starters that stopped working and basically if it could go wrong it would! Let's hope this time I can keep it going and have lots of successes! Sigrun makes it sound easy and his happy to give follow up support.

If you are interested in doing one and you live near Rockhampton, get in touch with Sigrun direct.
This was the result of our afternoon (minus what we ate).


  1. Oh wow that's great Lucy. I am going to find out when the next one is, I have been wanting to make sourdough.

  2. I also was recently given a sourdough bug & made my best sourdough yet, as you Lucy have made & killed several bugs, hopfully I am on the right track now.

  3. Sigrun makes it sound easy and says that there's always a way to save it. And in fact I did forget the salt and had to redo one lot and it worked. Julie get in touch with Sigrun about dates.