Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Travel food

One of the biggest challenges in eating real food is when you travel! I cannot eat junk food any more - if I do I just feel sick afterwards. I can occasionally eat a pie but not too often. We usually pack food and snacks like nuts and fruit which is okay for one day, but things take a little more organising if away longer. Our preference is to stay in accommodation that has cooking facilities and we now have a car fridge to keep food cool while travelling. Eating real food takes careful planning anytime, but especially when travelling.

Every week Kim and I go to Biggenden to deliver pigs to the abattoir. This is a 12-13 hour round trip and in this heat we leave at 3am. So the night before I have to organise food for breakfast and lunch and snacks! I usually take Muesli, fruit salad and yoghurt for breakfast and then lunch (which is usually more a brunch) can be anything from leftovers, meat and salad, or eggs and bacon. This morning it was steak, potato, onion and eggs.

Having a camp stove like this makes life a lot easier!

If I'm not prepared, I'm always tempted by quick junk food, and always angry afterwards! The best option for when I'm not prepared is to go to a supermarket and get something. This is a way better idea than eating out of the hot box.

What do you do when travelling? Do you take your own or succumb?


  1. I always pack at least an apple and muesli bar each, then we have a snack to keep us going. If we have room for a fridge or cool bag I will also take cheese and crackers, some cold meat, olives, yoghurt etc. Pete used to ask me to "be normal" and just eat the (crap) food that everyone else eats, but now he has admitted/realised that it makes him feel sick too, so it IS worth preparing some of our own good food to take with us.

  2. also, don't know if its just me, but your images aren't loading, I was going to pin that post, but there's nothing to pin :(

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the photos, I hadn't realised. All sorted now.
    When I was a kid (and I was one of 8) Mum always packed food and I always thought it unfair that normal people buy from the servos. She did it to save money, but it saved our health too!

  4. that's better with the photos working! haha "normal people", its funny how most real food choices are cheaper and healthier :) My parents did the same, or if they bought something it was bread rolls and ham to make our own lunch!

  5. We make sandwiches and pack fruit and and nuts for the drive. I always freeze drinks so they are really cool for the trip and if we are travelling overnight we take our cooker and cook meals or reheat a frozen one from the freezer.