Friday, June 19, 2015


Beef meatballs for dinner in tomato, onion and mushroom gravy, with oven chips and mixed veggies.

Forgot to take a photo so I will have tell you how nice they were. Very!

I was feeling better this afternoon so went out to the garden to admire's really starting to look good. We've been picking lettuce all week and the rest of the plants look very healthy. Laura mounded up my potatoes a bit more yesterday - the first bed of spuds has really taken off. I really need to get on and do some weeding and then plant out some more seeds. Anyway back to dinner.

I collected some fresh herbs and a Birdseye chilli and went inside to make my meatballs. I had about a handful of our own dried wild mushrooms left so I blitzed them in thermie with the herbs, chilli, garlic and an onion, then mixed in egg and salt and pepper. Last year we had a massive harvest of wild mushrooms which we either froze fresh or dried. I think I've used them all now. I like to crumble  the dried mushrooms into lots of dishes.....of course I can't think of too many examples right now.....scrambled eggs, pumpkin soup, rice cooked in bone broth.......

After browning the meatballs I threw in some sliced onion, mushrooms and a bottle of tomato purée. Oh and some soy, fish and Worcester sauces. Then simmered gently until all cooked through. It was a very nice meal. And easy!

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