Friday, June 12, 2015


Short post tonight.......
Busy day as usual, but managed to get a few things done in the kitchen (apart from the normal meals for 6/7 people). Which I must say I'm helped fairly often by our backpacker helpers!

Marie made some zucchini pickles and I made some star fruit jam.

The zucchini I bought from the markets last weekend and the star fruit I bought from a roadside stall - I don't particularly like them, but they do make a nice jam!  I would post some photos but I can't work out how to get my iPad to talk to itself and find the photos!!! Both recipes are delicious so if you have an abundance of them both I will post the recipes!

We also tried two of my cheeses tonight -  Caerphilly and farmhouse cheddar. Both very respectable cheeses, so I'm inspired to make more.

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